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Published on September 23, 2008 By Omegasaxon In Physics

 Evenin' everyone. I am going to spend however long it takes tonight to blog about <cue:drum roll here> Telekinesis!

Alrighty then. I have no idea what to really say or where to actually start, so I will open up with this. It is accepted by the vast majority of everyone that there is no such thing as magic. Magic is myth, stories told, usually hand in hand with dragons, knights, chivalry, and medieval era. However, but all standard we people hold true to, and according to all the basic laws of physics we know, telekinesis, or magic as the ill-conciet and unknowledged would say, does not exist.

 However, not too long ago, in my history class last year acutally, a science teacher came in to talk about something irrelavent right now. However, he began with some of his own experiences as a military dude type and among some of these military experiences included was a runin with telekinesis. The magnitude to which he talked of these things suprised, since he is a science teacher and here he is tlakin' about positive and negative forces in these world, how something required a counterbalance to be even and too much of one side equaled chaos, and more in support of the telekinesis thing, he mentioned energy and how everything done usually requires energy and, furthermore, how thought itself was nothing but energy. Now I consider myself to be a pretty open dude, and this talk of telekinesis intrigued me. I needed to know more.

 So naturally, I went home and I looked up some stuff on telekinesis and lo and behold, there are communities out there that practice such magic and that turned it for me, not that this suprised me, but I did not know what to expect, at least.

I never really tried telekinesis myself, and I cannot find the time and the setting for it at the same time, but I hope to learn some one day. Fun stuff though, being able to move stuff around without touching it.

I mean to start pracitcing basic telekinesis, so maybe so time from now, I will blog about my progress.

However, until next time,

~ Ray Champion III 

on Sep 23, 2008

I've tried telekinesis...turns out I can get my arms and legs to move with only the power of my mind.

Anything outside of that, though, remains quite unmovable.

I love to have an open mind about these things...but as far as I know it's all crap. 

Heh, heh...but I'd love it if you could prove me wrong.  So go forth, young psychic, and exert your will upon the physical world with thought alone!