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Really basic stuff.
Published on September 18, 2008 By Omegasaxon In Welcome

'aight, so what is up everyone? Welcome to the Aritcle 1 of my blog which will contain "Really basic stuff." I thought I would first start off with a little 'bout me. I do not normally just give out my name to the general internets, but, ya know, whatever. Hi, my name is Julian and I am not an alcoholic.

I will not go into much right now, but just general info, I have. First and foremost, music is my passion in life. I am a musician, to say the least, I have a few years of experience on both guitar and french horn, and I am starting to learn both piano, and the percussive arts. Second of all, and just as important, I am religious. I do not really show this much, but it is the truth, and I am very proud of it. Anything else about me, well, it will crop up as I start blogging more and more. 

I think there was more I wanted to put in this first post, but it will not come to me right now, so, unfortunetly, I will have to cut this article short for tonight. I will actually start blogging tomorrow or something.

~Ray Champion III

on Sep 19, 2008

Welcome to JU!  Always glad to have another guitarist around!  Looking foward to reading your stuff.

on Sep 20, 2008

Thank ya, I look forward to writing it!